Tuscarora Community Supported Agriculture

What is the TCSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a connection between a local farmer and the people (shareholders) who eat the food the farmer produces. The shareholders will gain access to nourishing food that is fresh, grown locally and with the best farming practices around. This format differs from a community garden, because the shareholders are paying into the farm and they will reap the benefits and the risks involved.

  • Each shareholder pays a subscription fee to buy a share of the harvest.
  • The fee goes towards the operating costs of the farm.
  • In return, the farm provides the shareholders a weekly bag of produce.

TCSA History

The TCSA is unique in that our CSA is right here at Tuscarora for the Tuscarora people. The garden is located on Upper Mountain Road and uses the same fields that our people have been farming for years.

The TEP office established this program in 2007 to promote sustainable agriculture. With a large membership, we can provide our Nation with a good source of fresh vegetables.

In the past we have also been able to supply our shareholders canned venison, smoked salmon and vacuum-packed zucchini when available. These additional benefits vary from year to year, with other options to include access to fresh-cut flowers, home-grown eggs or packaged corn.

What is the Risk?

The understanding is that TCSA shareholders provide consistent support to the farm, and the farmer does their best to provide a plentiful, consistent and varied supply of farm fresh products. Rarely is there a confluence of factors that really puts a hole in the flow of produce. While we strive to provide an appealing and ample supply of vegetables each week, the TCSA shareholders do share the risks and rewards of farming.

Local Food, Local Support

For the past 7 years the TCSA continually distributes locally grown vegetables to Nation shareholders. So what does the TCSA do for our Tuscarora community:

  • Supports our local farmer
  • Keeps food dollars in our local community
  • Makes nutritious foods available to our Tuscarora residents
  • Consumers have a personal connection with food and land
  • Creates an atmosphere for learning
  • Strengthens our community spirit
  • Reduces our carbon footprint
  • Preserves Haudenosaunee seed sources


Anticipated Summer Vegetables:

* Yellow Squash

* Eggplant
* Green Peppers * Sweet Corn
* Green Beans * Wax Beans
* Jalapenos * Zucchini
* Tomatoes * Radish
* Broccoli * Onions
* Beets * Peas
* Herbs * and More.

Anticipated Fall Vegetables:


* Acorn Squash * Potatoes
* Butternut Squash * Bread Beans
* Bear Beans * Cabbage
* Tuscarora Corn * Carrots
* Winter Squash * and More.


Tuscarora-Specific Garden

In addition to the typical garden vegetable fare, like tomatoes, carrots and onions, we also offer some unique garden experiences. One of the biggest advantages of joining our TCSA is the opportunity to gain access to Tuscarora white corn. for the past few years, the shareholders have reaped the benefit of 1-2 braids of corn each. We also plant additional Tuscarora/Haudensaunee offerings from local seed sources like bear beans, bread beans and squash.




Full Share or Half Share?

Shares can be purchased in full or half sizes, and are distributed one a week for the duration of the season (to residents of Tuscarora only.) A full share is usually enough to serve a family of four (4). But sometimes that is too much, then a half share may be what you want. On average a week's share might include 6-7 different vegetables/offerings.

How To Order

The 2014 season prices are as follows:


Register with 25% down by May 2, then the final payment(s) is due by June 1st.

Full Share . . . $150.00 ($37.50 down)

Half Share . . . $75.00 ($18.75 down)


Register between May 3rd to June 1st.

Full Share . . . $170.00

Half Share . . . $85.00

Subscription purchase may be made in installments with final payment due by June 1st.

You can receive a discount on your share if you agree to help with weeding, harvesting and/or distribution. Please check with the TCSA coordinator, Patti, for more information about this offer.

Please stop by the TEP office and see Patti to apply.

Many Nya:wes

We want to thank S. Schandreau for allowing the TCSA garden to be hosted by her place on Upper Mountain Road. We are grateful for her support on this project.