Current Development

The winter of 2013 will mark the 300th-year remembrance of the well-documented Tuscarora exodus from their Carolina homeland following the Tuscarora Wars. It is said within the tradition of the Tuscarora that they once occupied the Great Lakes region before a migration to the Carolinas. The late David Hewitt once told an anthropologist a migration story called "Crossing the Ice," which describes how Tuscarora found themselves in the southern extent of Haudenosaunee territory in the Carolinas. The story of Tuscarora people over the last millennium is one of the greatest testaments to indigenous survival and adaption in the western hemisphere.

In addition to building strong leadership skills and compiling historical knowledge, the Trail Project also has a secondary focus: climate change. Northward migrations of plant and animal species is expected under most climate change scenarios, and the trip from North Carolina to New York provides students with both a historical and a restoration experience: participants can literally "experience" the historical migration of their ancestors and the expected migration of plants and animals due to climate change.