2013 Tuscarora Migration Project


An exciting new project building youth leadership skills- understanding climate change impacts, interpreting historical resources, and a celebration of indigenous survival and identity. Oh, and a 1200-mile journey on foot and canoe .  .  .
The HETF Environment Youth Corps (HEYC) project was born with a mission to instill 'reference-condition experiences' into the youth of the Haudenosaunee.  The Youth Corps seeks to help envision, and then build environmental and cultural restoration at the community, Nation, and Confederacy levels by experiencing what restoration can be: wilderness areas, living machines, brownfields, eco-villages, historic sites, etc. The structure of the HEYC is loose - There are no formal committees or seperate leadership boards. It is more of a HETF concept, with objectives similar to goals used by the National Outdoor Leadership School.

An exciting HEYC initiative is in development at Tuscarora, where Tuscarora HETF staff members are planning a historic 1200+ mile youth backpacking and canoe trip across Haudenosaunee aboriginal territory to bring attention to climate change. The Tuscarora Migration 2013 Project seeks to build outdoor leadership skills by walking and canoeing from North Carolina to Tuscarora during the late spring and summer of 2013. The trip will retrace the route of the Nation, which is expected to take around 100-120 days.