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EPISODE 2: Tusky Talks lacorsse, the Barn, and the Tuscarora influence on the sport with DOROTHY CHEW.

"I'm confident to say that the most, if not everyone growing up on Tuscarora, has had an experience with the game of lacrosse whether it be watching family members play to playing in the backyard or playing/coaching at all levels of the sport from the Minor to Junior to Professional.

For me that experience early on was watching my gram, Dorothy Chew, bring home a box full of unstrung lacrosse heads to string and then would sit and weave until the box was full of game-ready lacrosse heads that were then brought back to the barn and shipped all over the world.

All I really remember as a young kid is the smell and piles of the leathers and nylon strings that made up the traditional pockets so it was really cool to sit down and talk about the bigger picture of how weaving sticks for the Barn, traveling and how the late Wes Patterson (founder of Tuskewe Krafts/"The Barn", legendary player and coach) had a larger impact on the sport worldwide."

- Brad Thomas, Tusky Talks Podcast


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