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Tusky Talks Podcast

Written by Bryan on 02 February 2018. Posted in Uncategorised

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TEP will be hosting Tusky Talks podcast. The art of storytelling has been - and continues to be - a teaching tool among our people. OUr goal is to bring the tradition of storytelling to the Internet-radio world to highlight the awesomeness that is the Tuscarora Nation so you will be able to listen to Tuskys talk on the Tusky Talks podcast from anywhere.

The podcast will be hosted by Brad (snipe clan) and Taylor (bear clan), they both share an interest in learning as much as they can about our Nation and want to establish a modern platform where we can go to learn/discuss some of the grea things about our people.

Each episode we will interview a different person from the community about whatever topic they would like to share about Skaru:re life. From historical activities or environmental knowledge to sports accomplishments, we want to compile the best of Tusky!

Check out our site www.tuskytalkspodcast.wordpress.com and our soundcloud page HERE.