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Our Office is now accepting letters of intent for two college (or post-college) summer interns who are willing to work in our Office starting June 4, 2018 for 9-10 week paid internships. The positions consist of  of temporary full-time (40 hrs/wk) work that may include travel and an ocassional weekend. Letters of intent or resumes are due by 4pm, Friday, May 11, 2018.


QUALIFICATIONS: It is preferred but not required that the applicant have general knowledge of biology and more specifically good knowledge about oru Tuscarora environment. In addition we prefer the applicants to:

  • Have a high school diploma/GED;
  • Good writing skills, general knowledge of computers, and skills with data collection;
  • Good verbal/communication skills;
  • And preference is given to Tuscarora/Haudenosaunee/Native American applicants.


HOW TO APPLY: Applicants are asked to submit a letter of intent (or a resume and cover letter) and must include:

  • Personal information - name, address, cell (and home) phone number, email and age.
  • Name of college/university the applicant is currently attending and what class/year they will graduate (if they already graduated, then what college/university they graduated from and what year).
  • What contributions the applicant can make to the TEP as a summer intern.
  • Past pertinent work experiences, if available.


You can mail or drop off your letter/resume to:

Rene Rickard, TEP Director

Tuscarora Environment Ofice

5226 Wlamore Road

Tuscarora Nation

via: Lewiston, NY 14092


If you are interested and need more information or have questions please contact us at #716-264-6011.


2018 Tuscarora Roadside Cleanup


2018 Tuscarora Roadside Cleanup

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Starting at 8:00am, Nation House Parking Lot


Potluck Lunch provided at 12pm, Nation House Community Room

Gloves, bags and smiles will be available during Cleanup courtesy of the Tuscarora Temperance Society.

Free t-shirts will be given to those who help with Cleanup, courtesy of the Environment Office (while supplies last.)


We will ONLY accept Roadside Cleanup garbage. Here is a list of items that are NOT accepted in the bins (according to Modern Disposal): *mattresses *tires *hazardous waste *dirt *industrial waste *chemical products *oil filters *herbicides & pesticides * radioactive material *solvants *paint (except completely dried latex paint cans, no liquids) *other flamable liquids *aerosol cans *freon *propane tanks *motor oil *transmission oil/lubricating/hydraulic oil/oil filters *contaminated oils (mixed with solvants, gasoline, etc.) *antifreeze *appliances *petroleum-contaminated soil/lead paint chips *batteries *computers *monitors *televisions *microwaves *fluorescent tubes *railroad ties *medical waste *asbestos *animals *barrels *all liquids *electronics *material from a fire.


"Many Hands Lighten the Load"


For more information: Jeremy Printup, Tuscarora Temperance Society, #228-5898

or TEP Office, #264-6011.

2018 HHW and Electronics Recycling Day

Tuscarora HHW 2018 flyer


HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE DAY: We will have our HHW and Electronics recycling day, Saturday April 14, 2018, 10am-2pm. It is open to Tuscarora Nation residents only (due to our limited funding). Download the flyer HERE for a list of acceptable items and if you want additional help check out the Hazman USA website HERE for a comprehensive list of acceptable and non-acceptable items.

In addition, if you know of any elders who need help with dropping off their items, we are able to go to their homes and pick it up. Please let us know via email, FB message ("Tuscarora Environment" Facebook) or message us here via our website.

Volunteers needed - We are looking for 1-3 volunteers to help out during the event with our electronics drop-off and general event work (no help is needed handling the household hazardous waste because we have a contractor hired to do that.) Contact us if you're able to give us a couple hours (lunch will be provided too.)


wes patterson lacrosse stick tuscaraora


EPISODE 2: Tusky Talks lacorsse, the Barn, and the Tuscarora influence on the sport with DOROTHY CHEW.

"I'm confident to say that the most, if not everyone growing up on Tuscarora, has had an experience with the game of lacrosse whether it be watching family members play to playing in the backyard or playing/coaching at all levels of the sport from the Minor to Junior to Professional.

For me that experience early on was watching my gram, Dorothy Chew, bring home a box full of unstrung lacrosse heads to string and then would sit and weave until the box was full of game-ready lacrosse heads that were then brought back to the barn and shipped all over the world.

All I really remember as a young kid is the smell and piles of the leathers and nylon strings that made up the traditional pockets so it was really cool to sit down and talk about the bigger picture of how weaving sticks for the Barn, traveling and how the late Wes Patterson (founder of Tuskewe Krafts/"The Barn", legendary player and coach) had a larger impact on the sport worldwide."

- Brad Thomas, Tusky Talks Podcast


Check out the Podcast at their blog: www.tuskytalkspodcast.wordpress.com

and follow them on Facebook at "Tusky Talks Podcast."


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